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Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate

Mentoring Tree provides classes, seminars, and multimedia instructional materials to people who want to become better real estate investors. We cover not only the basics, but also some of the least taught but most profit-generating areas in property investment, including tax lien sales, offshore investment, real estate internet marketing, and more.

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Classes and Seminars

What kind of classes do we teach? In person and online. Basic classes for beginners, but also classes in some of the most profitable but least covered areas in real estate investment, such tax lien sales, investing in offshore properties, online marketing, and more. Don’t see a class you like? Contact us. We’ll set one up or connect you with an instructor.

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Real Estate: The Best Way To Make Safe, Secure, Significant Profits

Think the only way to make money in real estate is to buy, rent, and sell? Think again. There are dozens of tested money-making paths smart investors can take to profit from real estate, including understanding tax regulations, partnering, lien and deed sales, developing offshore tax shelters, using the internet for networking and research. Contact us and find out more.

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Learn All Across America -- And Beyond

Can’t attend a class? Maybe our classes can come to you. Mentoring Tree instructors aren’t limited to one location. Classes are held from New York to Texas to Costa Rica, where plans to integrate tax lien classes and classes in offshore investment strategies with a fun-filled tour! Combine business with pleasure? You can at Mentoring Tree. Contact us to learn more.

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Virtual Classrooms, Real Education

Want real estate training to come to you at your convenience? The internet makes it easy. You can attend the class of your choice in person, but you can also watch a webinar online, see the DVD, listen to the audio CD in your car or instructional MP3s on your iPod, read the transcript, or even interact in virtual classrooms in Second Life. At Mentoring Tree we can bring the learning to you.

Additonal Services:

Mentoring The Mentors

Are you a successful seasoned real estate investor who wants to take your career and the number of your income streams to the next level? Mentoring Tree can help you shape your knowledge into powerful classes and salable info-products, and show you how to use the internet to massively grow your networking and to build your personal brand.

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Mentoring Tree - Real Estate Classes, Seminars, and Education Products
What’s The Best Possible Way To Learn Real Estate?

Where do you go if you want to learn about real estate?


There are plenty of classes for realtors and real estate agents. 


But what if you don't want to become an agent working for a company?


There are plenty of teachers who teach economics, business and law.


But what if you don't want to learn about business just in the abstract?  What if you want practical real-life instruction from experienced seasoned investors in how to make money in real estate?


There are plenty of real estate 'gurus' online and on infomercials who make large claims, and who may even have had personal success investing. 


But not everyone who strikes it rich can show others how to do it. 


How do you know your mentor can teach real estate investing as well as do it?



The Mentoring Tree Difference


You want experienced successful real estate investors, and you want experienced articulate teachers and instructors.  That's what Mentoring Tree is all about.


At Mentoring Tree our goal is to bring together successful investors and successful instructors. 


Are you a successful investor? 


Our instructors can help you articulate, develop and help formalize your insights into a presentation that can not only bring in an additional income stream, but also help advance your personal branding and get you better known.


Are you a gifted teacher, instructor or information marketer? 


We can profitably apply your skills to develop or help present courses in one of the hottest and most wide-ranging educational markets now current.


And if you're someone who wants to learn either the basics?  Or someone who wants to learn the best way to maximize an existing investment?  Or someone who wants to master high-profit but low-profile real estate investment areas like tax liens or REITs or REOs or offshore real estate investing or real state internet marketing?


Then Mentoring Tree is the place for you.


We pre-qualify your mentors and teachers, develop and enhance the instruction you receive, and match your goals with the instruction you get, so that you get the very best training possible in exactly the area you want.



Welcome To The Digital Classroom


But we do more than supply tested customized instruction in classrooms. 


We supply it anywhere in the world, even where classroom attendance isn't possible.


Thanks to the digital revolution, there are now all sorts of ways to make quality instruction available. 


Classes, yes.  But there's also personal mentoring one-on-one. 


There are audio CD's you can buy or MP3s you can download. 


There are video webinars online, and video DVDs offline. 


 You can even interact in real-time with instructors and students in virtual worlds like Second Life!


Mentoring Tree encourages and assists its instructors in developing and presenting not just  standard course materials, but also material that can be presented across the full spectrum of modern communications. 


That means a bigger audience for those who want to teach.  And it makes exceptional teaching available to people in a way that fits their schedule, their location, and their pocketbook.




Mentoring Tree. Bringing real estate real estate investment and instruction into the twenty-first century.


Mentoring Tree

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Member Quote

"Just five days after taking your class, I made an offer.  The contracts are already signed.  The fair market value is $531,000 and I am purchasing it for $325,000.  Before your class I would not have known what to do..."

What others can do, you can do.  Contact Mentoring Tree and learn how to generate real estate wealth starting today.
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